Transnational Meeting Patras

Future Mobilities



Patras Greece

Date Description
Monday 13/11/2017 Arrival of the groups
Tuesday 14/11/2017 Cultural Visit to Patras City Center
Wednesday 15/11/2017 Meeting the Director of Secondary Education Department of Achaia Prefecture
Visiting the Archaeological Museum of Patras
Thursday 16/11/2017 Evaluation and Certifications
Friday 17/11/2017 Departure of the groups

Vienna Austria

Date Description
Sunday 15/4/2018 Arrival of the groups
Monday 16/4/2018 Welcome ceremony at school
Students compare their reductional systems in multinational groups
Parlament Guided Tour
Tuesday 17/4/2018 Exhibition - Students present their town and their country
City Center
Wednesday 18/4/2018 Vienna International Center
Guided Tour "UNO City"
Tour Campus of Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Thursday 19/4/2018 Guided Tour University Vienna
Austrias National Library
Friday 20/4/2018 Schönbrunn (Zoo/Castle)
Coordinators - Teachers meeting at school
Saturday 21/4/2018 Departure of all groups

Vratsa Bulgaria

Date Description
Sunday 14/10/2018 Arrival of partners
Monday 15/10/2018 Welcome ceremony at school
The students show their presentations - My country, town or school
Coordinator's Meeting
Tuesday 16/10/2018 Presentations - each country presents the economic situation
Wednesday 17/10/2018 Trip to Koprivshtitsa - an old town with ancient houses
Thursday 18/10/2018 Closing ceremony - flags, certificates
Farewell party
Friday 19/10/2018 Guided tour of Sofia
Visit to Sofia University
Saturday 20/10/2018 Departure of all groups

Molėtai Lithuania

Date Description
Sunday 31/03/2019 Arrival of the groups
Monday 01/04/2019 Each team prepares the material for the presentation "The Labour Law in my country" and presents it Workshops.
Acquaintance with Moletai town; participating in the educational programme “Presentation of Moletai region differently” (3D) at Moletai tourism centre; group work: doing selfies in Moletai town.
Tuesday 02/04/2019 Trip to Vilnius. A visit (educational lecture, visiting the manufacturing departments) to a privately held business company “Sicor Biotech UAB/member of TEVA Group” -  the company of biotechnological pharmacy which is creating and producing recombinant biopharmaceutical preparations according to innovative science and production technologies.
Educational lesson in Vilnius University: visiting the Library, St. John’s church, Bell tower.
Wednesday 03/04/2019 Workshops in groups. Students prepare a comprehensive table with the data from all partner countries and compare the data and discuss the differences and the influences on the individual career path conducted by the project members-experts.
Coordinators - Teachers meeting
A visit to a privately held company “Hoda” - one of the biggest producers of plastic products in Baltic countries.
Thursday 04/04/2019 Trip to Trakai
Educational activities - a visit to a business company AB “Grigeo“ - the producer of paper and wood in Baltic countries.
Old crafts. Educational programme “Kibinų kelias“ - educational kibin making workshop.
Educational programme “Trakai Old Town and Castles”.
Friday 05/04/2019 Leaving to Pabrade. Educational activities - a visit to a business company “Intersurgical” – the worldwide creator, producer and supplier of medical products for respiratory system.
Workshops at “Meniskas kaimas” – “Revival and prospects of old crafts”.
Saturday 06/04/2019 Leaving to Vilnius airport

Future Mobilities

Patras Greece

Date Description
17/11/2019 - 23/11/2019 Mobility in Greece

Chaumont France

Date Description
22/03/2020 - 28/03/2020 Mobility in France