Transnational Meeting Patras


Patras Greece

Date Description
Monday 13/11/2017 Arrival of the groups
Tuesday 14/11/2017 Cultural Visit to Patras City Center
Wednesday 15/11/2017 Meeting the Director of Secondary Education Department of Achaia Prefecture
Visiting the Archaeological Museum of Patras
Thursday 16/11/2017 Evaluation and Certifications
Friday 17/11/2017 Departure of the groups

Vienna Austria

Date Description
Sunday 15/4/2018 Arrival of the groups
Monday 16/4/2018 Welcome ceremony at school
Students compare their reductional systems in multinational groups
Parlament Guided Tour
Tuesday 17/4/2018 Exhibition - Students present their town and their country
City Center
Wednesday 18/4/2018 Vienna International Center
Guided Tour "UNO City"
Tour Campus of Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Thursday 19/4/2018 Guided Tour University Vienna
Austrias National Library
Friday 20/4/2018 Schönbrunn (Zoo/Castle)
Coordinators - Teachers meeting at school
Saturday 21/4/2018 Departure of all groups

Vratsa Bulgaria

Date Description
Sunday 14/10/2018 Arrival of partners
Monday 15/10/2018 Welcome ceremony at school
The students show their presentations - My country, town or school
Coordinator's Meeting
Tuesday 16/10/2018 Presentations - each country presents the economic situation
Wednesday 17/10/2018 Trip to Koprivshtitsa - an old town with ancient houses
Thursday 18/10/2018 Closing ceremony - flags, certificates
Farewell party
Friday 19/10/2018 Guided tour of Sofia
Visit to Sofia University
Saturday 20/10/2018 Departure of all groups

Molėtai Lithuania

Date Description
Sunday 31/03/2019 Arrival of the groups
Monday 01/04/2019 Each team prepares the material for the presentation "The Labour Law in my country" and presents it Workshops.
Acquaintance with Moletai town; participating in the educational programme “Presentation of Moletai region differently” (3D) at Moletai tourism centre; group work: doing selfies in Moletai town.
Tuesday 02/04/2019 Trip to Vilnius. A visit (educational lecture, visiting the manufacturing departments) to a privately held business company “Sicor Biotech UAB/member of TEVA Group” -  the company of biotechnological pharmacy which is creating and producing recombinant biopharmaceutical preparations according to innovative science and production technologies.
Educational lesson in Vilnius University: visiting the Library, St. John’s church, Bell tower.
Wednesday 03/04/2019 Workshops in groups. Students prepare a comprehensive table with the data from all partner countries and compare the data and discuss the differences and the influences on the individual career path conducted by the project members-experts.
Coordinators - Teachers meeting
A visit to a privately held company “Hoda” - one of the biggest producers of plastic products in Baltic countries.
Thursday 04/04/2019 Trip to Trakai
Educational activities - a visit to a business company AB “Grigeo“ - the producer of paper and wood in Baltic countries.
Old crafts. Educational programme “Kibinų kelias“ - educational kibin making workshop.
Educational programme “Trakai Old Town and Castles”.
Friday 05/04/2019 Leaving to Pabrade. Educational activities - a visit to a business company “Intersurgical” – the worldwide creator, producer and supplier of medical products for respiratory system.
Workshops at “Meniskas kaimas” – “Revival and prospects of old crafts”.
Saturday 06/04/2019 Leaving to Vilnius airport

Patra Greece

Date Description
Sunday 17/11/2019 Arrival of all partners
Monday 18/11/2019 Welcome ceremony in 2nd EPAL Patras. Workshop in multinational groups. Visit to the traditional Winery of Achaia Clauss, Patras Lighthouse and Patra’s South Park.
Tuesday 19/11/2019 Workshops at Patras Cultural Center. Project Presentation & Coordinator’s meeting.
Wednesday 20/11/2019 Visit to Ancient Olympia, Archeological museum & Museum of Ancient Greek Technology
Thursday 21/11/2019 Visit to Patras Science Centre. Educational activities.
Visit to a local Brewery. Walk across Rio-Antirio Bridge
Closing Ceremony & Farewell Party
Friday 22/11/2019 Guided tour to the historical center of Athens & Acropolis.
Saturday 23/11/2019 Departure of all groups

Chaumont France

Date Description
22/03/2020 - 28/03/2020 Mobility in France
Important Notice Due to covid 19 major force, we visited the beautiful city of Chaumont only in our dreams…. But as we strongly believe in our dreams, we are sure that one day they will become true!!!